bagginsofbagend: the parks and rec writers should get together one last time to write a script for a 23 minute youtube review of the force awakens by ben wyatt

koe no katachi is a good read

princessharumi: You’re a Crystal Gem now whether you like it or not   ☆ ☆ ~

echapi: 「弟松さん」/「居橋ろに」のイラスト [pixiv]

tumblr_o0kup7Lsjg1seqn7a nhaingen:

fanaya: the joshimatsu are here

madridista-4-life: Steven Universe – Message Received (full episode) Here’s today’s new SU episode in HD! Download link’s in the video’s description. I’ll be posting the new Stevenbomb this week. Enjoy! (Source:

kawamamilosc: ops

riibrego: we fight together!!!