I want anyone watching that might be at a low point, feel beaten down and defeated, like things aren’t gonna get any better for them ; I want you to know that I’m right there with you at that low point. But believe me, things really will get better. As hard as it is, even ...

natnovna: the social construction of masculinity is so weird to me like… it causes people to not wanna use certain kinds of soaps bc these products… smell too good.

yuckoart: A small example of practice, patience and time. This is six months of improvement! Don’t get discouraged, artists. Keep on learning!

every bird in the word is charlie

kimaor: envb: but what about geese… geese are also charlie, every bird but geese are from hell and charlie is an angel

every bird in the word is charlie

but what about geese…

enncshita: haha let’s hope that I don’t end up deleting this follow forever by mistake like I did last time (I wanted to cry) So I finally reached a thousand followers (like oh my god???)! I’m so happy right now and incredibly grateful that new people decided to follow me and that the ones who ...

jaclcfrost: “that’s the spirit” i say as i gesture to the spirit that’s been haunting my home for years. when will they leave or start contributing to the household by doing something like helping with laundry. when will they pay rent

mycoto: so tegaki.e is going to be shut down at the end of this month. i thought i would screenshot the draw new entry page because it will soon be a internet relic??? a part of internet history?? RIP in pieces tegaki.e

It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning. H.G. Wells, The Time Machine (via larmoyante)

daldong: 기차 안에서