rhymewithrachel: pick them pumpkins

andrewshopland: westindianhottie: stele3: The Great Pyramids of Giza, as you’ve never seen them before — at the edge of a sprawling metropolis and the vast desert. In America we never see the other view, only the one that looks out into a desert full of men riding camels. We never see the metropolis, probably because ...

anzli: how am i supposed to wait a whole week for yacchan??????

chrossrank: What do you mean this isnt how it went (Source: http://chrossrank.tumblr.com/)

echoes-of-freckles: Really happy with my most recent piece! The only prompt was that it had to be a circular format. Partially inspired by Interstellar. Also included some detail shots because I was proud of the plants and the backpack thing I drew

kaimal-k: 秋3 Fall-3.

perceptinspire: Apartment Therapy: Natasha and the Plant-Filled Sunroom

ur kate drawing is so important to me i love ur art

ahhh!!! AHH!! thank you so much omg asks like this are so important to me

kinorinsama: reaper

I went to the orchard for apple picking today, and there were like no pumpkins left in the pumpkin patch… pumpkins are in high demand… anyways here is my angel kate