tumblr_nwpm6iufst1sqoenv seigyokus: Translation+lyrics below the cut! Keep reading

ellenalsop: going analog (+ ref’d album in the bottom post)

anatoref: Skeleton Studies by James Julier

shatterstag: zantuss: the beautiful things you can find on accident in undertale thank you sans this scene made me buy the game, please, if you havent played undertale yet and are thinking of getting it watch this (Source: http://shatterstag.tumblr.com/)

moralfronts: Turn the tables on Thanksgiving. Ask your uncle what he’s doing with his life. Ask if he has a sufficient retirement plan. Ask your weird aunt why she’s single.

givememountaindew: That Christopher Lloyd video going around has been giving me a lot of feelings. Happy Back to the Future Day

ppworkspace: 2015/10/21

hoursago: hill valley, california4:29pm on wednesday, october 21st, 2015 [ print ]

nowsashayaway: so-treu: 997: im still thinking abt this pic “traditional” and “contemporary” are not mutually exclusive I have so many feels about this! Especially as an anthro major, I hate it when ppl think that indigenous folks can’t use tech because it doesn’t make them genuine. Like fuck that noise! Also this photo is precious.