me & my monster friend

landwalker: Listening to some Spookwave with a friend and wondering about the universe.

miraculoustang: posts more sans @ 1 am 

takitakos: I lost track of this week’s daily sketches due to holidays, so here are these two to make up for it.

tumblr_nvu5m6Q0K71roi82m sgtscyther:

jolyfis: * birds are singing, flowers are blooming… * on days like this, kids like you… sans and asgore have almost the same pre-throwdown speech in two vastly different tones and i love it honestly

deebree: dreamy summer movie night aka popcorn and soda bein cute art trade for skeletincts !!!

nhaingen: hope this was a good experience for you

sugarandmemories: south park is finally over eric cartman is dead

I spend a lot of time with river person. I love the different modes of transportation in this game