badtimetxt: i found another secret in undertale :~) in the room after your first encounter with the bridge seeds, you’ll have to solve this next puzzle. i decided to mess around with the flowers and was like “i wonder what would happen if i put them together down here haha probably nothing.” wrong. if you ...

ink is fun

frisk with stick legs

rorosii: #artistsontumblr

copperbrain: They asked me to draw Connie with short hair

misandryad: coelasquid: tfw u owe ur friend money but no one carries cash anymore and it turns into a series of elaborate trades that resurrects the barter system. #“don’t worry about it just buy me like four coffees”

ichibrose: The recruiting show was a fun ride, I’ll miss them!;;

dogpu: too much determination

1000formsofdrae: when in doubt, go to the library hermione

sakamakiayato09: Charabye TV – Osomatsu-san