do you think in 5 years i can look back and regret all of this

mothle: tell them they r loved

jollllyjackson: i was at an ap physics saturday session and the teacher was talking about gravity, saying that we’re all attracted to each other behind me, one kid says to his friend “i’m attracted to you” and with absolutely no hesitation, he replies “my foot is attracted to your ass”

millennium-actress: …and they were worried this anime wouldn’t be popular in 2015 (Source:

cquaer: dont separate them

red-lipstick: Moki Mioke (b. 1982, Brilon, Germany) – Untitled from How To Disappear series, 2008     Paintings: Acrylics on Canvas

hilarious-war: beinggigantic: my favorite thing about New Tumblr™ is how audio posts only play 15% of the time #i thought it was just my computer

part4jotaros: painful: 9 songs selected with love for this fucking embarrassment of a child listen here