isabel, probably playing video games on her phone

if max wasn’t restricted by the ‘family friendly’ rating

banya00: 도로롱

turndecassette: layout homework

tumblr_nxara7VVs11rqbxhn liein: Short little song about Burgerpants, because apparently instead of yelling at him, Mettaton plays him songs about how he’s bad at his job Your job description doesn’t say “waste of space” If your pay wasn’t so low, darling, I’d have you replaced Who taught you how to smile? Where’s your Glamor and Spunk Bet ...

yuropyon: actual worst show on the planet and I’m in love with it

neighborhoodstagemanager: i relate to alexander hamilton because i too would also like to challenge the entire modern republican party to a duel

l-l-lickmyballs: look at these aesthetics from the pilot goddamn