badlyplanned: do you ever like hold your bangs up because they are at an awkward length??? 

spookybanana: why does my confidence rely so much on whether other people think I’m cute. I need to start learning to love myself regardless of anybody else.

future-tongue: Silly bonus doodle to this

please watch osomatsu-san karamatsu is probably crying alone in a corner.

eternalfrowning: just found this in an old file wth

muchinery: precious 

elliebeanz: my professor who’s approximately as intimidating as a muffin keeps saying stuff like this and its so silly 

sigtryggr: “Are you ready to see true darkness?” “Are y— are you?” 

dreamgrl1998: do u ever just get waves of missing someone? like you’ll go for a while and be ok and then all of a sudden ur heart hurts