tumblr_nx7s9sHO0X1s9mr5o peach-n-key: oh my god i was looking for like 20 minutes for the correct speed for this song and i couldnt find it anywhere so you’re welcome

ok but consider this

actionables: UPDATED: supposedly 60 people killed in multiple shootings and explosions around Paris (at least 26, reports vary) 100 people are still being held hostage at Bataclan concert venue three explosions were reported outside a bar near the Stade de France, where France were playing Germany in a football match  French president François Hollande declared ...

characters that appear repeatedly in my sketchbook and have no names or stories. idk why i keep drawing them. i think girl is babysitting goggles boy.

pascalcampion: Champagne!After a long ( and good ) day’s work! #pascalcampion

nonii-ta: redraw thingie  !!!

feministrology: someone: i’m a three sport athlete and im taking 5 AP courses and i currently have a 5.0 gpa!!! me: yeah but … are u ok

27azi: once again, drawing my ocsi hope to one day make good Flash fanart…