melonami: WHO woulda guessed ichimatsu would be my fav matsu (everyone has already guessed)

new personality descriptors

mikleos: all people can be divided into three categories: 69 420 666

tumblr_nxsizzoH5U1so81h4 helloireblogthings: Osomatsu-san full opening

brideofgodzilla: young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

triboutarn: Visual development – Graduation filmAmong the very first concepts i did for WILDFIRE

Going to seriously re-open commissions

goatsmoochies: I have many many problems at home, my parents are homophobic,emotionally abusive and my mother can be physically abusive when drunk and shes an alcoholic, they also dont acknowledge my mental illness and in cases such as when i pull my hair bc of my trich or have panic attacks bc of my anxiety ...

lavalamps: A friend sent me these photos of a home he’s doing some work in… literal home goals.

27azi: sans for @envb