biekohuang: can’t wait to draw this after i knew something…..

tanku: which OC is most likely to eat 9 cans of ravioli

browngirl: we need replies back. every time one of my mutuals makes a post im forced to either just like it (which seems lazy and might make them think i didnt actually read the post) or reblog and comment (which seems too public and might make them uncomfortable) or privately message them (which seems too ...

the youngest and the oldest

pixelatey: Me anytime a sex scene takes place in a show/movie: This is literally the most unnecessary thing can we not

i have a lot of selfies where you can’t see my face; a collection of six, 2015 tagged by @lemonbutt i tag everyone i’ve ever talked to before.  do it.

melonami: i really wanted to draw all the matsu bros together :’3c

inemouse: lonely mountain