Walking around a bookstore with no money:

Me: *stroking the books* I’ll come back for you.

a saitama for @027azi

kaddleshk: OPM faves

HEY FOLKS WHO WATCH ANIME (and live in America)

valelirxu: I’m writing a paper on anime as a subculture within the pop culture of America. Would you mind sending me an ask or a short message with  1. why/when you started watching/reading anime/manga 2. fav show 3. age and gender It would help a lot. Thanks everyone!!

melonami: *continues to slouch for the rest of my life*

what have i gotten myself into

“don’t you think you’ve had enough whipped cream”

sickpage: Neil TaUrban Tube Snake, 2014

just-shower-thoughts: If we were eyeless we’d be unaware of colour. What if we’re missing some part of reality because we don’t have the organ to detect it?