The very first of Season 3 of Baman Piderman is live!

This season opener, a musical episode with a fantastic song written and performed by Ben Kling, is actually not part of the 11 episode (7 regular episodes, and four specials) season. Alex and I decided the final season deserved a special kick off, so this one is on us *WINKY EMOTE*. We’re so grateful, and so happy to get to continue making the show, we wanted to show our gratitude to all of you by.. well.. offering more content! Haha!

Sincerely, thank you again for all the support, we hope you will enjoy the new season as much as we’re enjoying making it.

With love,

your bestest fwends,

Lindsay and Alex

PS: Backers only will get a halloween wallpaper tomorrow, so watch your in box!

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