because i know how good tumblr is at raising awareness, i’m putting up a case. i haven’t seen much about tuğçe albayrak on tumblr recently however, and believe her case needs to be heard. she was a close friend of my cousins, and was there for her through a rough time. for privacy reasons, this is all i will disclose. 

  • this is tuğçe albayrak.
  • she was a german student of turkish decedent who aspired to be an english elementary school teacher.
  • on the morning of the 15th november 2014, tuğçe albayrak was fatally beaten in a parking lot outside a mcdonalds restaurant
  • the incident happened in offenbach, germany.


  • tuğçe intervened in a situation between three men and two women, aged 13 and 16, after hearing the women screaming in a toilet.
  • she was followed to her car and sustained fatal head injuries by an eighteen year old man identified as sanel m by german police.
  • on the 28th november, tuğçe’s parents decided to turn off her life support machine after she was proclaimed brain dead. she died on her 23rd birthday.

this woman was violently beaten to death for helping two girls being harassed. don’t tell me women have ‘nothing to be scared about.’

please, tuğçe’s case deserves to be known. she’s a hero. 

danke tuğçe.

r.i.p angel.

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