Röyksopp // You Don’t Have A Clue
Haha sorry, another really weird comic-but-with-song-lyrics-for-dialogue thing. :’D It might be a little confusing (or a lot confusing) if you don’t know what this is about, I also took out some lyrics and rearranged some just so it wouldn’t be repetitive, and I also wanted to keep it at 6 pages. Also basically this is just more feelings from me haha.

I never got the chance to make adequate Aisle 10 fanart because ok to be honest I’ve been dying to for a while now. I made references to it but never an actual one for an actual scene. ;A;
(Also sorry if I like, butchered it and made this whole comic look stupid or something lol i dunno) 

Also remember when I said (probably not) I had a dream about Creek? This was basically it, but kind of like a music video to that song. AND OMG that song has been looping in my head forever now, so I’m happy to draw something to it. It’s really fitting to Aisle 10 but in a totally corny way and I love it.

Also I do not know how to draw most of the things in this and my backgrounds get lazier in every panel to the point of me just going to the store to take photos of the cereal aisle haha.

Also sorry if this is kinda dark and hard to see everything. And annoying aqua speech bubbles. And not being very consistent because I am seeing errors in this already whoops. xD

Ok I am done .///. *rolls away*

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