MY LAST HEADCANNON FOR TONIGHT, because I’m drawing a fancy picture lasdflkj GETTING TIRED OF DOING CRAP DOODLES. (I’m doing Cartman and Token next though, because i have a ton of requests for them!)


OH CLYDE YOU ARE MY SOUL BRO. I fucking love him, I think he’s endearing, sweet, and misunderstood. Out of all the boys, with the exception of Token, I think he’s jsut so painfully average he’s unaverage haha. I mean, he really does try his best to fit in and get along with the boys.

IN MY HEADCANON, CLYDE IS THAT ONE GUY, YEAH THAT GUY IN YOUR MATH CLASS OR HISTORY OR ENGLISH, and he’s just so painfully and cheesily obnoxious/dumb, and you really wanna dislike him for his immaturity/distasteful humor, but at the same time you just can’t help but laugh and find him absolutely hilarious, if not adorable. I think Clyde would be considered the least dependable among his peers, and he gets upset about it lmao, he wishes people would take him seriously and doesn’t understand why they don’t!

As for his home life, I think he’s an only child, and because he kind of lacks in creativity, gets lonely extremely easily. This kinda makes him the most likely to accept offers of adventures from his peers. But, even with that, he gets bored of things pretty easily LMAO, often switching from one thing to the next. 

I ALSO THINK HIS PARENTS ARE PROBABLY EXTREMELY DOTING, and he avoids having his friends meet his parents, because they’ll reveal how much of a baby he is. 8w8


I serioulsy think they’re best friends haha. I mean, I see the dynamic being Clyde being really into the whole hanging out and broing it up, but Craig kinda has this whole “OPPOSITE DAY AGENDA” with Clyde. 

For example, if Clyde looks nice one day, Craig will say he looks terrible,  BUT IF CLYDE IS GENUINLEY DISTRESSED OR LOOKING LIKE CRAP, Craig would be like “Uh, no, you look… okay…”

But because Craig has a hard time lying about things it’d be obvious he was lying, but Clyde would see the his good intentions. 

Also I like Jocks okay my first major highschool crush actually reminds me of Clyde a lot now that I think about it. ///umu///

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