I’ve always loved drawing but I’ve never had a natural talent or flair for it, and I always try to draw but then it’s always a complete pile of shit and i get upset and rip it up and then throw it away. I have literally no talent. Where should I begin to draw? I really would like to, I just don’t know where to start.



For starters: I really, really dislike the idea of talent. Thinking that someone else is just more innately attuned to something than you are just holds you back. What you perceive as talent is 90% skill (I don’t care if someone who started at the same time as you has a better eye for color, I just don’t, because the other 90% can be learned, and so much of it is placebo, you know? If you believe you’re talented, then you start to like what you draw, and if you like what you draw, you do it more, meaning you get more practice, meaning you’ll improve more. See what I’m saying?). Skill can be attained by a high level of motivation to improve over a long period of time and an encouraging environment that leads you to believe you’re talented. Almost no one is brilliant starting out. It takes years and years of hard work, and I used to be hung up on the fact that my friend was improving by leaps and bounds, much faster than I was, but when I thought about it? She also drew a lot more than I did, and had a rapidly growing fanbase that formed an environment that nurtured that growth. If you want to get better you better be prepared to put the work into it. I can’t tell you where to start, and face it, some stranger’s advice on the internet is not going to magically make you a better artist – you just have to keep doing it. I could tell you to just start with the basics – shapes, shading, and whatnot, but to be perfectly honest, I just started with what I liked: people. And let me tell you, they had no substance or shape or form or function for years and years until I decided I didn’t want this to just be a hobby and really just tried drawing every day and getting my basics down by drawing from life. That’s all I can really tell you. Work hard, you’ll get there if you keep at it.


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