sailorleo: instead of doing hw or sleeping i drew wirt in my clothes

here he is – futakuchi kenji! also, unrelated but I’m just discovering marina & the diamonds right now…

milsae: I’m watching Rick and Morty.every episode is insane and awesome i love it all, but i really had to draw evil R&M from the 10th episode.

magwyn: *talks about u behind ur back but in a supportive way about how cool u are and how much i love u*

slimyhipster: so i’ve been working on starting up my webcomic, juratus, all quietly in the background and such. it’s a silly story about the supernatural shenanigans in the Coolest city around, Sunset Point!  >>read it here<<

qiow: ten feet tall and radiant

Guys don’t like that much makeup.

jewlsies: then I suggest they just stick to a lightweight bb cream and mascara

lenastarling: I’m really late but heres my love for the wonderful kate marsh

tumblr_nuz7spBXus1u3d119 gemlover12: HELL YEAH NOW WE HAVE THE FULL SONG

uncharacteristic oikawa expressions