ssilcatt: Yooo u guys  I mentioned days ago that I was gonna open the slots for commissions again because of all the hospital debts my illness left my family with… WELL BESIDES THAT, my dad was fired yesterday so our situation it’s even more serious. I’ll open 6 slots today and after I’m done with ...

lega18: i’m sure you’ve seen the photo set around … 

nerdjpg: All I do is sin and talk about memes

envb: check out my ten page comic starring a furby read the whole thing here

c-sushi: AU where Suga is an apprentice wizard and Daichi works in the local herb shop with his dad~ =v= 

we call him lizard boy

happy birthday friend, I hope you are staying safe and doing only three drugs

THANKS ERIN YOU’RE THE BEST… but whatever mom I’ll do like four drug you can’t tell me what to do

exxpelliarrmus: I wish I lived in the city like when ur pissed and you wanna storm off for a while you can go anywhere, to a cafe or a museum or a fucking park like where the hell am I gonna storm off to here in suburbia fucking walgreens?????

I’m rewatching haikyuu…