unsatisfiedjudge: you don’t even love yourself anymore

cecilenakayama: YOU MUST GO ON, I CAN’T GO ON, I’LL GO ON (2015) excerpts from my newspaper/personal diary about ocd and subsequent anxiety, i’ll try and make it available to see/read online and sell a few physical copies since a few people seem to be interested in it

skyholic: The hero every harem anime and manga needs

bubblegum-ler: Mint green thneed: a fine thing that all people need~

avoidantdyke: reblog if ur also a socialist lesbian divorcee witch that kills children

peabug: i’m all caught up w/ ore monogatari and i feel like tanaka and nishinoya would be the type of people who would watch this show religiously and cry during every episode 

avogoddess: i am SO SICK of people (including other girls) putting girls down for everything they do. y’all won’t let us win. you’ll make fun of a girl who like starbucks and victoria’s secret leggings for being too basic, make fun of an athletic or muscular girl by saying she “looks like a man”, call any ...

alcieart: leggings or kneepads bonus:

notmusa: hermit crab witch. uses magic to make the inside of their shell into a lil apartment & keep the fridge stocked up w/snacks. sleeps too much. zzzzz

Tweek, what do you want in life besides coffee?