pastel–sprinkle: hey yo heard it was tdov -throws selfies- (genderfluid; he/him ; she/her)

agreat-perhap-s: Happy Trans Day of Visibility! I had to search for photos #sorrynotsorry Finally made the full circle of haircuts though amirite :’)

prsphn: shoutout to all trans folks on here who for safety reasons aren’t able to present as they wish. your identity is valid. you are valid. you are important and loved. stay safe.

chullo: (´・_・`) | [he/they]

hexygen: ♥ happy tdov ♥ (they/them)

akemihomuuras: two of my fav selfies for trans visibility day cos its nearly midnight here and im too tired for new selfies lol ((they/them))

l1ng-c: lemme just draw hotarumaru 50 thousand times

splinteryourspine: splinteryourspine: I just watched an old couple get into their car and set off the alarm and then try to turn it off for like ten minutes before giving up and driving away with the alarm still going off now that i think about it maybe i just watched an old couple steal a ...