tumblr_nhu47dU56G1u44tgj sound-test: Home Sweet Home | Mother 2

twohairs: Are you?

milkbois: WE ARE ALL DREADING THIS AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!! PRAYER HANDS EMOJI FOR MY HEART (sorry for the crappy doodle i just had to express my emotions)

Draw dipper pines discovering memes


venkun: i see that cuopere is enjoying haikyuu : ) i didn’t realize this was a text post and not a reply to something? I. I’m so sorry.

maxvelocity: the best part of the hq!! manga is suga on the sidelines totally losing his shit

ciszkiem: ლ(`ヮ´ლ)

Daily Haikyuu Reminder

saigennaku: Not only does Yama scoring a point with his serve make the team this excited but the two guys off the court too are so ridiculously pumped up that Suga and Ennoshita need to physically restrain them omfg

ginkohs: 5. Your favorite team my sweet baby crows…

sirpangur: =^= I just love the main characters btw-some people keep tagging it as a “concept art” and “visual development”, well guys, it’s actually not XD This film was released in my country 25 october, it’s just fanart