simplicitybliss: Laws of Productivity, No. 1: “Get started.”

chris traeger voice: Ann Perkins! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

chaosdivine: lnqu: *adjusts contrast to hide my gross skin* Doll.

vegansprite: i want to live in a studio ghibli film

 raccoonbunny: raccoonbunny: “nobody wants to hear me play.”“i do.” art trade thing with cuopere!! she asked me to draw wirt doing something casual/everydayish like hanging with beatrice/greg or something, so boop they’re listening to wirt’s tapes. i think i made this a bit too shippy haha i’m sorry cp :—( YOOOOOO THIS IS SO CUTE ...

patchesblog: Laser Tag place, but every time you get shot, your vest and the shooter’s gun plays “Mmm Whatcha Say”.

efrenlozano: Fishbowl, 2014


Saurian starborn-vagaboo: starborn-vagaboo: Saurian – THE DINOSAUR GAME YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED You can live and act out your life as one of several planned dinosaur species from the Hell Creek formation and better yet… THEY’RE ALL ACTUALLY ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE.  FLUFFY REXES.  SORT OF FLUFFY THESCELOSAURUS.  NOT A BUNNY HAND IN SIGHT. Even the flora ...