castielangelofthetrenchcoats: catingaytor: they gay LOOK. ACCURATELY PORTRAYED KATNISS WOMAN OF COLOR. LOOK. LOOK AT THIS.

baconmentalhospital-deactivated: If dreams can’t come true Then why not pretend?

godmuva: before 2014 end msg me if you wanna fight

tango2010weibo: Hi and goodbye

dillydalleydoodle: I am so in love with these nerds, I can’t even.

dating advice?

magnezone: everybody is an enormous waste of time 

xarcadex: ★ Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker | +gifs

27azi: new tablet and firealpaca lets goooooOO

snowmenareimaginary: WATCH THIS.  A news segment that does not misgender her, mentions what her parents did to her, and calls the tragedy like it is. (Source: