nataliedormering: because i know how good tumblr is at raising awareness, i’m putting up a case. i haven’t seen much about tuğçe albayrak on tumblr recently however, and believe her case needs to be heard. she was a close friend of my cousins, and was there for her through a rough time. for privacy reasons, this ...

london-girl-at-heart: So today people in my city (Nashville, TN) gathered to protest the Darren Wilson decision & started at the police headquarters. The police then not only protected them (stopping traffic in the highways the protestors closed etc), but also set out table with hot chocolate and other things for them. This is how the ...

kaitlynpossible: Anxiety.

aeon-fux: unhacker: uh… news stations are kind of brushing over the fact that 20 year old deandre joshua was found dead last night only yards from where michael brown died. he was shot in the head and set on fire… they’re blaming it on the riots but no one really knows what happened and it ...

Projected Timeline of Global Warming

stripedgreenrabbit: 2030: The ice we skate is getting pretty thin 2100: The water’s getting warm, so we might as well swim 2250: My world’s on fire

fuckyeahmarshworth: it’s weird how middle names are like………. this normal thing, but also secret

mareepe: Hey I just found this website, looks like it provides a whole host of livestreams from ferguson, please signal boost this, don’t just watch the posts on your dash, don’t get it from the news, get it from the source

great gatsby deleted scene

((playing wii sports with gatsby)) nick: just because some cute girl likes the same bizarro rich people crap as you that doesn’t make her your soul mate