claphne: whenever I’m traveling I always get tripped out at the fact that this is someone’s actual hometown like they know every back road and how to get everywhere and they’ve probably had tons of memories in this city but I’m just someone passing by


ineversawagoddessgo: What a nerd (Source:

fussybabybitch: usatoday: Is there anything better than Free Slurpee Day? Access to basic health care

notchicken: *releases 420 cows into a field* hahahaha graze it

kingcheddarxvii: I hope Hannibal ends with Ned from Pushing Daisies finding Hannibal’s murder suit in a dumpster and being like “THIS IS THE BEST DISCOVERY OF MY LIFE”

the only good beer is

sickomobb: water

euclase: Red Five, drawn in PS.

t-block: forgot to post this… polished an older doodle for a print!

oh no, its not the honey lemon drama, its about a whitewashing or something like that, they say making Hiro bi-racial was whitewashing because in the comic he was full japenese and because Wasabi now is a black man instead of japanese

impactrueno: i cant believe wasabi got whitewashed into a black man