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you look like a mango

burgertv: how about you mango away

seitoro: Remember when the boys were all electric?

strangeremains: SKULLS, A NEW EXHIBIT 
MAY 16, 2014-NOVEMBER 30, 2014 Every skull tells a story. Examining skulls, scientists learn how vertebrate animals live, die, and evolve. Skulls from 640 specimens head nifty at the new California Academy of Sciences. PRESS RELEASE

homealonethree: illckr: Are you an offensive blogger or a defensive blogger Im a healer, Im good in raids

killbenedictcumberbatch: coachmcguirkscowtattoo: angelclark: A guy named Andrew had a Starbucks Gold card (which gets you a free drink of your choice after you buy 12) and a single goal: to beat the previous world record for the most expensive Starbucks drink ever. As anyone who has accomplished anything in life will tell you, thorough prep ...

went driving around the neighborhood and the lake looked really cool!! also I think I had too much caffeine

kaijubat: what do i look for in a girl? well, for starters, bioluminescence 

break-the-frozenheart: jeans-left-buttock: A Romance Movie for the Ages by Thomas Sanders   (Source: http://break-the-frozenheart.tumblr.com/)