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commanderspock: touchdisky San Francisco, California, USA by MattRaygun

filmoreanderson a réagi à votre billet : filmoreanderson a réagi à… i’m on season 6 right now ahh i just started watching red hot catholic love!! i’m trying to rewatch them all in order before season 17 comes out omg yeah akjdsfal good luck! thats a lot of episodes but it seems like you’re watching them at a pretty good ...

filmoreanderson a réagi à votre billet:filmoreanderson a dit : iS THIS FROM CRIPPLE… okAY I THOUGHT SO bc i was watching that like two days ago and yeah omg i feel u man i feel u omg what episode are you at now?

filmoreanderson a dit : iS THIS FROM CRIPPLE FIGHT yEAH!!

oh my god

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