on hiatus!!

seuss-is-everything: cAN I JUST TALK ABOUT HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME Just…everything is growing, the sky is blue…and there’s life…on the Lerkim I just…wow I’m so happy I think my face will break :’) (Thanks Plutonis for th links and artist Colin Stimpson!)

sexhaver: things i wish i could say irl: ???????? ???? ? ??? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u ok (this is not the same as “you okay?”) that one cover of “What Makes You Beautiful” done entirely in laughs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpyingiCwV8

runmonsterun: So old that it feels like it’s ending (that little picture by Craig Jr. is by Al uwu)

incessantlyphlegmatic: You are the SOUTH PARK FANDOM and you aren’t so sure why some of the other fandoms get so sad about characters DYING. DEATH is kind of a big overused JOKE to you and boy do you love jokes. You find IMMATURE things to be HILARIOUS and you are always up to date with ...

runmonsterun: “Jeez Tucker, you should put down that DS and read some more.” “I don’t think looking at nudey pictures is called reading.” Huff I haven’t drawn all day But I drew right when I got home sob  EDIT: SCREAM I CAN’T TYPE LMAO