pinksilly: boo

starxapple: 1971 – The Lorax – Dr. Seuss Biggering.

runmonsterun: MY LAST HEADCANNON FOR TONIGHT, because I’m drawing a fancy picture lasdflkj GETTING TIRED OF DOING CRAP DOODLES. (I’m doing Cartman and Token next though, because i have a ton of requests for them!) CLYDE! OH CLYDE YOU ARE MY SOUL BRO. I fucking love him, I think he’s endearing, sweet, and misunderstood. Out ...

pikalite: ►princess

fuckthisimaunicorn: and then kenny ended up shoving more than food in kyle’s mouth also, what kind of date is that? and can you tell i went all “fuck this”

southpark-gifs: Captioned Version

preoprix: Röyksopp // You Don’t Have A ClueHaha sorry, another really weird comic-but-with-song-lyrics-for-dialogue thing. :’D It might be a little confusing (or a lot confusing) if you don’t know what this is about, I also took out some lyrics and rearranged some just so it wouldn’t be repetitive, and I also wanted to keep it ...

nymphicus:  I drew a really small scene ,or thought rather, from Aisle 10. I hope you like it manda! even though it’s too colorful and very inaccurate. Can you tell I’ve never been to a laundromat? Happy birthday too! I was actually going to draw you this anyway hehe. It just so happens to be your birthday! uvu

fuckthisimaunicorn: “That movie sucked.” “…I liked it…” damn that is the worse fking movie theater i’ve ever seen.