oncelerite: sometimes when i warm up i draw pumkin in various boring situations and this time i decided to draw a lorax crossover anD IM ALREADY SORRY LMAO GOSH IM SO SORRY FFFSHDHSFJ

bumbledumb: forgetfulthings: dear bumbledumb, show me all of your headcanons. please…. PRESSES FACE AGAINST HANDS

most entertaining game ever

most entertaining game ever

arcitrus: Stuff I have draw for Negathneed’s blog

Reblog if you’re in the Not Nilly fandom!

2spooky-ecosystem: omfg what is this

tumblr_mcbjlizjvY1r2k3lj glofii: clearbay: spookness: xellphy: Silo is being a bum and doesn’t want to post this, so I’m posting it. I present to you the best version of “How Bad Can I Be” to date. IF YOU KNOW THE LORAX AT ALL PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS. PLEASE. OH 

spookyrings: My part of an art trade between me and this babe. It’s a bit rough, but I hope it makes due for you!~

adachimerica: so after work i went to little italy to get a pizza cos i really wanted a pizza and i had to wait for the pizza so i drew hs!hein during that break cos hes a cute all from memory tho so sorry if hes a little off u_ua (the pizza is delish)

forgetfulthings: Prank-ler for strings I liked prank-ler’s zombie AU design for I mixed that in  and you look long enough at the pic you can see I made it ooc… just slightly …. .. Hope you like it Strings! >8,D

missharald: bounce-ler: I finally drew shota swoncest wanna fite me I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT ALL MY LIFE