vikingler: wait i wasn’t supposed to do sad stuff what happened

ohgollytree: i learned that i cant lineart and everything i touch turns to poop 

cief: You’ve got to see what tomorrow bringsYeah, you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs This AU…

ineedathneed: dipperhugs: before they got to this point, they sure did have a lot of power struggles didn’t they Ah~ Power struggle glovecest

nt3000: doki doki

benelop: ink seems pretty cute

zombieskully: wansura: survivialswag replied to your post: swoncest is the new oncest switter is the new… Does that mean you and those two nerds are the new Swonter? MOVE OVER, NERD canon

zombieskully: uselessdraws: I could probably go on forever about how much I love this character but I doubt my followers would appreciate that so I’ll just settle for drawing art for him instead i kis