starxapple: thegranch: starxapple: thegranch: get tht POOPPOL OUT F OMF FY FACE no apl…… whyeyr e you hodloding AX ya ryou going to CHOP ME ar you thRHRETATING RRNGANRHC what i dont have an ax what are you saying about………….. nope no ax here

rel-ecno: there are more once-lers than elements in the periodic table states in the us countries in the world population of the principality of sealand population of several small cities and towns throughout the world ice cream flavors from ben & jerry’s and baskin robbins combined the number of original pokemon the amount of bones ...

starxapple: cief: Rocking the apocalypse! What a player. He was going to be leaning on the jeep but I started sketching way too far down on the paper. *facepalm* oh my…….

aflockofseagulls: “i want to be friends with everyone,” i whisper, as i continue to not speak a word to anyone

cief: I was trying to think of a good character quote but then I got way too creeped out. Probably because I’ve had this song on repeat since beginning the sketch: Lavender Town (orchestral version). So… this turned into a sort of colour study I guess?  Oh MAN I just totally missed the opportunity to add ...

zombieskully: Entre the camp princess. Heck yeah, I’m the motherfrickin’ princess!

geckogabby: XD lol what am I doing with my life..if this gets notes im gonna colour it XP

unite-the-lorax-fandom: For hawkward-silence <3

wansura: come on and slam and welcome to the jam